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Teach Math Like This! provides readers with excellent guidance and direction on planning effective mathematics lessons. This book also provides teachers with many different practical approaches to address pedagogy, assessments, and relationships. This is a very accessible book with ideas that can immediately be implemented into the mathematics classroom.
John Staley, Ph.D. President of National Council of Supervisors of Mathematics
In Teach Math Like This, Not Like That, Matthew Beyranevand provides educators with a rich and comprehensive framework of ideas that invite, in fact, compel the educator reader to reflect deeply on his or her practices. With this book, dare yourself to take fresh new steps towards even bolder, more empathetic, and more effective teaching.
James Tanton, Ph.D., Mathematician-at-Large, Mathematical Association of America
Teach Math Like This is comprehensive, actionable, and approachable. The book is written by a teacher for teachers, in an engaging and conversational format. When reading this book, you feel like Matthew is speaking directly to you. It is full of encouragement, specific suggestions, and even a bit of fun.
Jon R. Star, Ph.D. Professor of Education, Harvard University
Finally! Dr. Matthew Beyranevand, whimsical creator of the show Math With Matthew and Global Math Project Ambassador, has distilled all his scholarly research and leadership into a powerful and timely book on current math education. In the sometimes overwhelming world of professional development through conferences and social media, Matthew has written a book that simplifies and organizes all best pedagogical practices in one highly practical book.
Sunil Singh, Author of Pi of Life & NYT Blogger
Dr. Beyranevand has compiled here a great collection of practical helps for mathematics teachers at any point in their career. Bringing the same good humor, wit, and charm that can be found in his videos, Matthew connects with the very human elements that make teaching like few other professions. This will be required reading in my future Teaching Methods courses and will be included in the reading lists in my Master’s Classes.
Christopher S. Brownell, Ph.D., Director of Mathematics & STEM Education Programs, Fresno Pacific University

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