Dr. Matthew Beyranevand records regular podcasts on important topics within Mathematics Education.  Guests include teachers, administrators, coaches, and professors who are experts in different topics within Math Education.

Episode 24: Pi of Life
“Pi of Life: Hidden Happiness of Life” author Sunil Singh joins Matthew for a discussion on his new book of memorable quotes.

Episode 23: Think Brilliantly and Creatively in Mathematics
Dr. James Tanton explains how we can model and practice uncluttered thinking and joyous math in the classroom.

Episode 22: Mathematical Discourse
Learn about mathematical discourse with Lesley University Professor Dr. Hillary Kreisberg.

Episode 21: Knocking Down Barriers with Technology
Discussion with Desmos founder and CEO Eli Luberoff. From his keynote talk at NCSM, we continue the conversation on how technology can help with math education.

Episode 20: Power of Technology to Enhance Math Education
Shelby Marshall, FableVision Studios VP of Strategic Partnerships, discusses how the power of technology can enhance math education.

Episode 19: Blended Learning
Discuss Inquiry, project-based and blended learning in STEM with Global Learning Models Co-Founder Eric Davis.

Episode 18: PBS Nova
Learn about the ever expanding NOVA programming through PBS STEM Educator Ralph Bouquet.

Episode 17: Using space to improve math learning
Room2Learn co-founders Jane Zhang and Grace O’Shea discuss how to “hack” your classroom space to improve learning in math class.

Episode 16: Teaching Math in Cameroon
Interview with an international master math teacher from Cameroon whose average class size is over 100 students.

Episode 15: Mathematics and newest Apps & Technology
HS Math Teacher Matt Witte discusses the newest apps and technology used to enhance student learning.

Episode 14: The Mathematics in Physics
High School AP Physics teacher, Dave Steeves, shares information for math teachers about the math needed to be successful in Physics.

Episode 13: Data Analysis
Dr. Linda Hirsch explains five easy steps to conducting data analysis of interim and summative assessments.

Episode 12: Global Math Project
Dr. James Tanton, co-founder of the GMP, and Matthew, Ambassador of GMP, discuss the movement to make math joyful.

Episode 11: Development of Infinity
Sunil Singh and Chris Brownell discuss with Matthew the historical development and perspectives of infinity. 

Episode 10: Stronger Strategies for Student Engagement
Desmos Chief Academic Officer Dr. Dan Meyer discusses ways to have students genuinely interested in learning mathematics.

Episode 9: Senior Year HS Math Courses
High School math teacher Alex Swanson and Matthew discuss all of the possible mathematics course options for seniors in high school.

Episode 8: Math with Matthew Music Video Discussion
The brains behind the Math with Matthew music videos get together and discuss the creative process. Dan Williams and Zac McIntyre join Matthew for an entertaining episode.

Episode 7: Transition from High School to College Math
UMASS Lowell Math Professors Drs. Pennell and Graham-Eagle discuss the struggles of students transitioning from High School to College in mathematics.

Episode 6: Lesson Planning
Math Education Graduate Instructor Brian Scanlan and Matthew discuss the importance of lesson planning and the “Four Stages of Lesson Planning” model.

Episode 5: Solving Problems Multiple Ways
Harvard Graduate School of Education Professor Dr. Jon Star speaks with Matthew about the benefits of students knowing multiple ways to solve mathematics problems.

Episode 4: Middle School Mathematics
Middle school math teacher Nancy Reynolds and Matthew discuss the keys to success for instruction of mathematics at the middle school level.

Episode 3: Flipped Classroom
High School Math teacher Patricia Roberts and Middle School teacher Amanda Dalton explain their approach for “flipping” their math classes using videos and technology to enhance student learning.

Episode 2: Geometry
Former High School Geometry teachers Andrew Pasquale and Donna Foley discuss with Matthew the importance of Geometry, the Algebra and Geometry relationship, and changes to curriculum and instruction over the last thirty years.

Episode 1: Introduction
In this inaugural podcast, I introduce myself to the listening audience and explain why I have created the podcasts and share my beliefs on the keys to successful mathematics instruction.