Dr. Matthew Beyranevand gives local, regional and national talks and workshops on important issues related to mathematics education.  He tailors each presentation to the audience and the theme of the conference.

General Session talk on “Popularization of Mathematics” at the Moving Math Education conference. November, 2015

Educator Appreciation Event on “Fun and Engaging Mathematics” at Barnes & Noble. October, 2016

Workshop Presentation on “Social Media Use in the Schools” at Leading Future Learning conference. March, 2016.

Current presentation schedule for 2017

February 2nd  “Learning Innovation Showcase: Math Music Videos.” Across Boundaries Conference. Boston, MA. http://learnlaunch.org/learninginnovationshowcase/

March 6th.“Future 20: Math Music Videos: Increasing Student Interest.” SXSWedu. Austin, TX. http://schedule.sxswedu.com/events/event_PP59879

March 10th. “Using Universal Design for Learning and Technology to Support the Whole Child.” MassCUE & MASCD Leadership Conference. Worcester, MA.  http://www.masscue.org/event/spring-conference-2017/

March 24th. “Solving the Same Problem Multiple Ways: Building Conceptual Understanding.” ATMIM. Worcester, MA.  https://atmim.wildapricot.org/event-2363081

April 6th. “Solving the Same Problem Multiple Ways: Building Conceptual Understanding.” NCTM Annual  http://www.nctm.org/annual/

Problem Solving

Solving the same problem multiple ways to build conceptual understanding

History of Math

Learning development of mathematical concepts to understand mathematics.

Math Music Videos

Increasing students’ interest and engagement in learning mathematics.

Contact Matthew mathwmatthew@gmail.com if interested in having him speak at your conference or event and view Matthew’s resume below for complete list of all presentations and workshops.

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