Dr. Matthew Beyranevand gives local, regional and national talks and workshops on important issues related to mathematics education.  He tailors each presentation to the audience and the theme of the conference.


Develop Growth Mindset in Mathematics to Increase Students’ Perseverance,

Engagement and Success in Your Math Classroom

Outstanding math teacher and national presenter, Matthew Beyranevand creates a day filled with practical strategies and solutions teachers can use in their classroom or school to address these persistent challenges facing math educators. Discover a wealth of classroom-proven strategies to increase your students’ perseverance and engagement in mathematics while building strong conceptual understanding. Help your students drop their fixed mindset and adopt a growth mindset. Enable your students to discover the joy in mathematics. See Brochure!


Four Critical Areas to Improve Student Learning while Finding the Joy in Math

Mathematics teachers are burdened with initiatives and responsibilities that can take away from everyone’s love of math. Come learn about using appropriate tools strategically to find creative ways to help your students at all levels increase their engagement in learning mathematics. From making math music videos to reconsidering the way we plan and execute our lessons, we will work together to find the joy in mathematics.

Develop Growth Mindset in Mathematics to Increase Students’ Perseverance,

Engagement and Success in Your Math Classroom

The full day seminar is scaled down to an 45-60 minute keynote address.  Teachers know the basics of growth mindset, but often do not know how to teach mathematics incorporating many of the growth mindset principles. This highly engaging and interactive talk will inspire teachers while also giving them ideas to immediately incorporate in their classroom.

Workshops and Presentations

Exploding Dots: The Revolutionary way to Explain Mathematics

Learn about Exploding Dots, the revolutionary new way to explain all the mathematics of arithmetic through polynomial algebra.  See how simple and elegant ideas connect all mathematics and can be used in all math classrooms. Finally, learn about The Global Math Project that is sweeping the world!

Solving the Same Problem Multiple Ways: Building Conceptual Understanding.

Is it important for students to know multiple ways of solving the same problem? This hands-on workshop will explore the benefits to both teachers sharing multiple approaches and encouraging students to come up with their own strategies. Together we will solve problems, observe new approaches and build conceptual understanding with our students.

General Session talk on “Popularization of Mathematics” at the Moving Math Education conference. November, 2015

Educator Appreciation Event on “Fun and Engaging Mathematics” at Barnes & Noble. October, 2016

Workshop Presentation on “Social Media Use in the Schools” at Leading Future Learning conference. March, 2016.

Ignite Talk: Promoting Joyful Mathematics through the History of Mathematics

Feedback from Matthew’s Talks

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Problem Solving

Solving the same problem multiple ways to build conceptual understanding

History of Math

Learning development of mathematical concepts to understand mathematics.

Growth Mindset

Increasing students’ interest and engagement in learning mathematics.

Contact Matthew mathwmatthew@gmail.com if interested in having him speak at your conference or event.