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Celebrating 3.14 'The Most Important Number' In Math

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Math Homework Help for Parents

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TV News Eye on Education: Math with Matthew May, 2016

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Making Math Musical on Chronicle: June, 2016

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Student And Teacher Approved Apps For The New School Year

NAHANT (CBS) – It’s back to the books for Simone Nardizzi of Nahant. As a senior, she’s juggling college applications on top of a rigorous course schedule that includes several Advanced Placement classes. “It’s a lot to handle,” she said. But there really are apps for everything and Simone uses several to help ease that workload, including Mathway. “You put the problem in and then it solves it for you and then you click on a description for it, it goes-step-by-step,” she said. But this isn’t just about kids taking the easy way out, according to Chelmsford Math Department Coordinator, Dr. Matthew Beyranevand. “It does promote the understanding of what you would do to solve it and not just give you the answer as a way to quote – cheat,” he said.

UMass Lowell Alumni Makes Math Fun. April, 2016

From TV shows to music videos, the “Math with Matthew” program is changing the way kids learn. The brainchild of Graduate School of Education alumnus Matthew Beyranevand, the innovative teaching program infuses popular culture into math instruction to reach the minds of today’s students.

Chelmsford math teacher engaging his students and proving math can be fun

In a time when people bond over hating math, Matthew Beyranevand is hoping to change the mindset of students about one of the most important subjects they'll learn. "We need to shift from an acceptance of 'I can't do math' to making it fun and engaging," said Beyranevand.

Chelmsford Learns ‘Math with Matthew’

Consistent across the world and used in everyday life, math is the language of the universe — but how it’s taught can shape students and their surroundings. Unveiling how math is taught inside Chelmsford’s classrooms is K-12 department coordinator Matthew Beyranevand, in his new cable access show, “Math with Matthew,” aired on Chelmsford TeleMedia.


“I want to be an engineer,” beamed my 12-year-old daughter. Two minutes later she said: “Actually, I may want to be an artist.” My reflexive response: “You can do both.”

MassCUE - Dr. Matthew Beyranevand

Dr. Matthew Beyranevand is the K-12 Mathematics and Science Coordinator for the Chelmsford Public Schools. Through his website MathwithMatthew.com, Matthew provides visitors with podcasts, music videos, educational resources, and a video blog.

Numbers and ... well, Numbers

CHELMSFORD -- More than 100 educators and their families attended a recent interactive math workshop for teachers and their families featuring live performances of "Math with Matthew" songs during Educator Appreciation Days at Barnes & Noble in Nashua, N.H.

What Advice Would You Give to Your Students December, 2016

r. Matthew Beyranevand is a school district math coordinator in Chelmsford, Massachusetts. In addition to teaching he maintains a video blog where he teaches how to have fun with math problems through music videos. This is what he has to say,

Making Math Fun…Oct. 14, 2016

If you think math is a dull subject, you have not been watching the “Math with Matthew” videos produced by Bolton resident Matthew Beyranevand.

Hate math? Maybe you didn't learn it 'joyfully'

CHELMSFORD -- Math might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word "joyful," but Matthew Beyranevand is trying to change that.

'Adding Parents to the Equation'

Ten frame, rekenrek, number bond and tape diagram. If it feels like your child is speaking an entirely different language when it comes to math education, you're not alone. Chelmsford Public Schools K-12 Mathematics Department Coordinator Matthew Beyranevand and Lesley University Center for Math Achievement Director Hilary Kreisberg, of Chelmsford, have teamed up to create a new book that aims to dispel the confusion about how children are taught math today and help parents get more involved. Read more


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