Math with Matthew: The Pythagorean Project

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Math with Matthew
The Pythagorean Project
June 20, 2017
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Move over “Bill Nye the Science Guy”, Math with Matthew is designed to get children interested in a full range of mathematical concepts, in an easy-to-understand, yet informative way that both kids and their parents can enjoy! A fast-paced show that combines comedy and music with mathematics, each episode focuses on a mathematics topic for the pre-teen viewer. No boring computations are needed, as the children will gain a conceptual understanding of important mathematics ideas, without even realizing it. Matthew is looking to create a version of the pilot as a programmable TV or streaming show.

Praise for The Pythagorean Project

Dr. Jon R. Star, Professor of Education

Harvard Graduate School of Education

“It is creative, energetic, and funny – with real potential to get students interested in and engaged with mathematics.”

Joel Bates, Principal of Florence Sawyer School, Bolton, MA

Principal of Florence Sawyer School, Bolton, MA

"BRILLIANT!!! Indiana Jones meets Euclid, and we learn the importance of Pythagoras and his Theorem!”

Dr. Anita Greenwood, Dean of Graduate School of Education at UMass Lowell

“The program’s so professionally done and it will capture students’ interest and show them why math is so powerful.”

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